Glen’s Story: Home Doesn’t Have to Be a Scary Place


Glen went from hallucinations, paranoia, and extreme anxiety to a loving community and a steady job. Here’s how.

“I had no one to call on,” said Glen. “My family just didn’t understand what my mental state was.” 

When we met Glen and introduced him to the Fairweather Lodge, he was self-admittedly “in very bad shape.” 

When “Home” is a Scary Place 

“All I would do is lay around my apartment every day and watch television. I had all my blinds and curtains closed…I wanted it to be as dark as possible.” 

Glen explained that he lived in “a world of hallucinations, depression, anxiety, had very bad dreams and heard voices.” He couldn’t sleep or rest for “weeks at a time,” and he was afraid to leave his apartment. He only stepped outside to empty the trash and check the mail.

“I was very afraid of people,” he said. This level of anxiety was debilitating for Glen. Riding the bus was a particularly scary task. 

 “For me, having to ride the bus was a crisis, because not only was I paranoid, but I thought everyone on the bus was either talking about me or simply looking at me. It got so bad for me, I had to get off the bus and go back home.” 

A New Kind of Family 

When Glen was finally accepted into the Fairweather Lodge program (a supportive housing community run by Endeavors), he was beyond excited! 

“I told them that I would move in [right away]. The clients and staff were so nice to me. I finally felt I was somebody with a support system and as long as I stayed in the program, that I’d never be alone. There’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever that if it wasn’t for them, there’s no telling where I’d be. 

Now, Glen is enjoying a stable community, receiving proper mental health care, and even thriving in his job as a janitorial crew-leader. 

“I’ve made employee of the month two times,” he grinned. “And to top that off, I made Janitorial employee of the year 2004. Can you believe that?”

“I thank God and the Fairweather program for what it has done for me,” he noted.

Glen’s gratitude is inspiring to us. It has been our honor to walk with him on his path to recovery. 

About Fairweather Lodge

Located in San Antonio, Fairweather Lodge is Endeavors®’ longest running program and provides permanent supportive housing to individuals with mental illness. Fairweather Lodge not only provides permanent supportive housing, but also case management and life skills training so that individuals with mental illness can achieve a life full of stability, success, and self-sufficiency.

For referrals/admissions to the Fairweather Lodge, contact the Lodge Coordinator at 210-208-5700 or email [email protected]

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