Community Based Services: Spencer’s Success Story


In January, the Community Based Services (CBS) team in San Antonio received a referral from Adult Protective Services to assist a 71 year-old client, Spencer, with housing. A Case Aid assisted him in filling out an application for housing assistance and connected him to the local public housing organization. Normally, this was to be the point where our assistance ended, but it was only the beginning… Spencer was unable to get in contact with his housing caseworker. Worried he would not be able to find housing by his deadline, Spencer began making regular visits to Endeavors™, biking or taking the bus, many days there first thing in the morning to greet our staff unlocking the door.

Whereas other local service agencies were not responding timely to Spencer, with heartfelt commitment to our mission, the CBS team continued to help Spencer beyond the original request received from Adult Protective Services. After several weeks of support and persistently advocating for Spencer, our Case Aid helped him find the perfect apartment.

Right before Spencer moved to his new apartment, he rode his bike to the office one more time and brought a box of donuts he had specially made for the Case Aid. Spencer was thankful that our staff had taken the time to work with him and had remained patient, but most of all he was grateful that he had been shown care and compassion.Learn more about Community Based Services with Endeavors™.

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