10 Inspiring Stories That Prove Disaster Relief and Recovery Matters

Disaster Relief & Emergency Services

What is Disaster Relief and Recovery?

Often abbreviated as simply “DRR,” Disaster Relief and Recovery can seem at first glance like one of those vague, high-level acronyms that means “just another program.”

But DRR is far more than a few arbitrary letters strung together.

In fact, if DRR had a single, clear-cut motto, it would be this: We want to provide real help to real people in real crises.

But why would we tell you when we can show you? Here are ten real-life stories that prove Disaster Relief and Recovery changes lives, connects communities, and cares for people in need.

1. Elisa Class Feliciano: More Than a Stove

Disaster Relief and Recovery comes in all shapes and sizes. When Elisa Class Feliciano found herself in need of kitchen equipment, Endeavors was able to collaborate with Rent-A-Center to provide a fully working stove. Now, Elisa can cook healthy meals within her own home.

2. Gladys Otero: A Home & Everything In It

When a home is damaged, recovery can seem hopeless. Thankfully, Endeavors is able to partner with incredible organizations to help repair the damage. Take Gladys Otero’s story: we were able to collaborate with Salvation Army and Samaritan’s Purse to not only repair and rebuild her home, but also supply it with appliances. Now, Gladys has “never been happier to be able to clean.”

3. Evangelista Rivera Burgos: A Road Across the River

Many roads were destroyed by Hurricane Maria in September, 2017 and by the resulting flooding and soil saturation.

When members of Puerto Rico’s Barrio Toro Negro community found themselves unable to travel safely from their home across a river, Endeavors was able to create bridge and roads connecting them to the main part of the village. This assistance allowed them to go to work, attend school, visit hospitals, and travel safely.

4. Rosa Ramos: A Home Restored

For years, sixty-five-year-old Rosa Ramos had lived in the village of Fajardo, Puerto Rico alone in a home that had no light or running water. Endeavors was proud to provide repairs, improvements, and restoration to her home. Rosa said, “I am forever indebted, and Endeavors is forever welcome in my home.”

5. Ricardo Pérez Torres: A Place to Sleep

When Hurricane Maria devastated parts of Puerto Rico in September 2017, many families lost the simple privilege of sleeping in their own beds. The Torres family was one of them. In their home, children were forced to sleep on the floor, leading to several health conditions. Thankfully, Endeavors was able to partner with Samaritan’s Purse and The Child Foundation to provide beds.

6. José Olivera Velázquez: The Road to Hurricane Recovery

In the wake of a hurricane, the Velázquez family found themselves struggling to pool the resources to treat their daughter’s medical condition. Without furniture and proper beds, the situation felt overwhelming. Now, after medical assistance and furniture donations, they are able to say: “Thanks to Endeavors and the Child Foundation, my family was able to stay healthy and reestablish the home.”

7. Yahaira Borrero Ortiz: Battery-Powered Therapy

When one family didn’t have the economic resources for a child’s portable, battery-powered respiratory therapy machine, the mother despaired. There were no electric plugs at school, and electrical service in the home was unreliable. Thankfully, the Ortiz family was connected to Endeavors. We were able to provide them with a portable therapy machine with batteries!

8. Mirian Rivera: The Difference AC Makes

The tragic aftermath of Hurricane Maria left many families subject to terrible humidity and poor water quality. When Endeavors and Child Foundation assisted Mirian Rivera’s family, she said: “My child was able to have an air conditioner and a portable therapy machine with batteries and a dehumidifier to improve her health and her quality of life.”

9. Ángel Otero Avilés: A Home Restored  

Despite the structural problems of Ángel’s home, Endeavors was able to collaborate with Samaritan’s Purse and Rent-A-Center to help repair and facilitate donations in the recovery of this Puerto Rican family. “Thank you Endeavors for all you have done to help me in the recovery. Without you, I would not have achieved my recovery!”

10. Fighting Back After Hurricane Maria

After Hurricane Maria ravaged San Juan, many of our clients’ homes had so much structural damage in their house, their roofs were being covered by blue tarps. By collaborating with a local church, we were able to repair more than 18 houses in the Barrio Obrero area of San Juan. As one member of the community said: “It’s not just about repairing the damages houses; it’s seeing how the community is working together.”

We are inspired daily by the incredible strength and courage of the clients we are able to serve.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Disaster Relief and Recovery or Emergency Services (or any number of our other programs), click here to connect with someone from our team!

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