Above and Beyond: How these Employees with Disabilities Achieved Success


A job is something that is often taken for granted- especially when obtaining one isn’t a challenge. 

But for employees with disabilities, a job isn’t just work; it’s a life-changing opportunity. And with disabilities ranging from hearing loss and mental illness to intellectual disabilities, employees at Endeavors Unlimited know this firsthand.

As part of the Endeavors continuum, Endeavors Unlimited (EU) is proud to provide supportive employment training and accommodated employment for adults with disabilities in Texas.

In partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission, WorkQuest, and Source America, Endeavors Unlimited welcomes people with disabilities as employees right away, placing them in positions that may have otherwise not been available. These positions include jobs in commercial custodial services and commercial grounds maintenance and landscaping, as well as their newest task of providing specialized commercial COVID/Pandemic sanitization and disinfection services (available beginning 8/10/20), across Texas.

Known for their demonstrated experience in providing high-quality, full-service, commercial services, EU employees have a reputation for providing excellent service- and it doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Recently nominated by WorkQuest, three EU employees received awards from every DPS location that they service- a FIRST from any Community Rehabilitation Partner in the region. 

Gregory Land, Jorge Escamilla, and Christopher Hernandez, members of the EU Houston-based landscaping crew, were recognized for this achievement via a ceremony held on July 27th, 2020.

Endeavors Unlimited employee recognition

“This was a very, very great moment in the lives of these three young men. Disabled or not, I would put them up against any crew in Texas,” says James Bower, EU Houston area manager. “These crews work so very hard every day not only in the heat but in dealing with the continuing ways we push them to excel. They deserve recognition, and this means so much to all of us that WorkQuest recognizes excellent performance and quality.”

As the program director of Endeavors Unlimited, Elique Guerra is proud of the opportunities the state provides to Endeavors Unlimited and its employees.  

“Through our competitive, integrated employment and training program, we are able to provide support through hands-on job skills training and adaptive behavior support. This not only helps our employees to gain employment after Endeavors Unlimited but also to keep that employment.” He adds, “Employers that hire people with disabilities report lower absenteeism and higher productivity. Employees with disabilities also tend to have higher job satisfaction. Receiving this recognition proves that this fact isn’t just data, it’s real life.”

Because great partnerships can be the catalyst for great things, WorkQuest is also a key element in this equation. “We couldn’t do this without WorkQuest’s guidance and patience,” said Bower.

“These guys truly deserve it,” says Maggie Wong of Workquest, Region IV, in response to Bower’s compliment. “I appreciate their management philosophy, and what they do elevates the service quality in our region.”

Endeavors Unlimited landscaper recognition

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues, Endeavors is committed to being part of the solution, offering services that help contain and prevent the spread of the virus. With disinfection services in high demand, our solutions provide sanitization, utilizing an EPA registered, broad-spectrum, bleach-free, non-caustic chlorine mist, infused with ionized hydrogen peroxide that goes above and beyond what standard cleaning wipes and sprays can do.

Endeavors Unlimited’s disinfecting services are non-toxic and can be used in many places, including schools, daycares, senior care centers, corporate offices, restaurants, fitness centers, religious centers, and automobiles, including emergency response vehicles, retail, and other businesses. All sanitation services are provided by a trained professional, wearing appropriate PPE.

In addition to Region IV (the greater Houston area), Endeavors Unlimited supports job placements and serving in San Antonio, El Paso, and Ft. Worth.

About Endeavors Unlimited

Endeavors Unlimited® is a private, non-profit organization with demonstrated experience providing high-quality, full-service, commercial service, and a commitment to the delivery of systematic and cost-effective programs and services. A company policy is in place that addresses the management and quality control plan of each service. This plan includes the development and implementation of performance measures to achieve programmatic goals and to measure success. Baseline data and target goals monitored through specific indicators and appropriate changes are made to retain quality services and to encourage continuous process improvement. Uniquely capable of providing supportive training and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and commercial services for business and government entities, many local, regional, national and international businesses and government entities rely on Endeavors Unlimited to perform at a level that effectively supports their customers, employees, and professional business image. Endeavors Unlimited is a WorkQuest and Source America affiliate and an Endeavors company. 

Endeavors Unlimited is a WorkQuest and Source America affiliate and an Endeavors company. 

To get in touch with Endeavors Unlimited, please contact Office Manager Diana Tejeda at 210-523-0377.




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