Storms in the Sunshine State: Locals Prove That Florida Stays Strong 

Disaster Relief & Emergency Services

What happens when a hurricane hits Florida? Physical damage may occur, but Floridians prove that they cannot be shaken.

As an organization that provides relief after disasters, we are often face-to-face with people who have lost their homes, are struggling to find their feet, and are facing long-term effects of disaster damage. 

Floridians, however, take this resiliency to a whole new level. 

When we head into the state after the destruction of Hurricane Irma, we met people of all ages and demographics displaying tremendous independence courage…not only “making it work” with the issues at hand, but also caring for others in the process. 

Florida Disaster Recovery

When we met Barbara one night at the Larsen Community Center in Jacksonville, FL, she wasn’t even looking for help. Though her home had extensive roof damage and visible mold, she was still working hard to take care of her adult disabled grandson and care for her community. 

In Ocala, Florida, Mr. and Mrs. Cotton were in a similar situation. Their home had experienced extensive flooding in the hurricane. However, as a full-time registered nurse, Mrs. Cotton was dedicated to continue working at her job— caring for others. They set up shop in a camper in their driveway. 

A Determination to Carry On 

Over the last several years, the beloved Sunshine State has seen some of its worst storms in years. In 2017, Hurricane Irma proved one of the most destructive in years. Over 6 million people were evacuated (the largest evacuation effort of its kind in US history), 65 percent of houses in the Keys were damaged, and 15 million people were left without power. 

Florida Hurricane Relief

And while it would be easy for Floridians to either (a) move away or (b) prioritize themselves above others, so many incredible residents have refused to step away from their communities. 

Instead, after Irma, Florida residents leapt into action, going above and beyond to protect the things they love. From rescuing dolphins to volunteering to opening up schools and churches to donating furniture, clothes, and building materials, the response was overwhelming. 

Disaster Case Management for Florida Residents 

We were honored to be able to assist Florida residents throughout the recovery process post-Irma. In our minds, no one deserves it more. 

From large-scale home repairs to seemingly innocuous details (think: household mold), we worked one-on-one with families and individuals to address whatever fallout a hurricane incurs on local families.

Hurricane recovery help

Though the Cottons were continually being denied FEMA assistance, we were able to secure them $6,500 from the Direct and Complex Programs. They have been able to complete the necessary repairs to their home.

In Barbara’s case, we were able to get her the help she needed to repair the roof. 

One Orlando resident said: “I want to take this time to thank you for all of your assistance during the application process to obtain Disaster Relief from Hurricane Irma damages. Your level of professionalism and willingness to meet with me at my place of employment to complete the application process was exceptional.  You are a great asset to Endeavors. My gratitude for making the process manageable and in a timely manner will not soon be forgotten.”

What is Disaster Case Management? 

Like the folks we mentioned in this story, many people in need of Disaster Case Management discover their issues after the emergency buzz has died down. 

If you find yourself in need of help after a disaster or emergency, we urge you to contact Endeavors®! 

When you contact us, we are able to create a recovery plan and execute it quickly by referring you to the right resources in your community. Whether you need construction and repair or health services, Endeavors® wants to help you find your footing after a disaster. 

Overall, we want to provide a strong connection between people in crisis and organizations and businesses willing and ready to meet their needs.

Contact Us 

If you or a loved one are in need of disaster assistance, we would love to connect with you. We are passionate about serving vulnerable people in crisis, improving their quality of life in innovative, personal ways. Click here to connect with someone from our team and learn more about the many ways Endeavors® can help!  

In addition to providing Disaster Case Management and Emergency Services, we also help connect military families to clinics, provide emergency staffing services, create long-term recovery plans, and far more. 


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