10 Instagram Accounts That Will Brighten Your Feed With #Kindness and #Gratitude


We could all use a little more kindness and gratitude these days. Here are a few Instagram accounts that make us smile!

These days, opening up your social media feed is a little risky. You may see an adorable photo of a dog or a stunning sunset over a mountain… or you may witness a heartbreaking news story or a group of loved ones tearing each others’ political opinions to pieces.

It’s great to stay informed and in dialogue, but we firmly believe that positivity and kindness are extra necessary in today’s world. Which is why we follow a few great Instagram accounts that brighten our feed every day.  

If you’re looking for a little more love and a little less negativity, consider following a few of these awesome accounts! 

1. South Alamo Regional Alliance for the Homeless (@SARAHomeless)

Why we love it: One of our partners in Bexar County, SARAH does incredible work aiding homeless populations in the San Antonio area. Their colorful, thoughtful posts remind us that it’s possible to make a change in your own backyard! 


2. United Way (@Unitedway)

Why we love it: A worldwide nonprofit, United Way is hyper-focused on community, which is a strong value of ours as well. We love seeing the joy and hope they infuse into the world.  

3. Red Cross (@americanredcross)

Why we love it: The American Red Cross reminds us that we are always taken care of. Seeing people give their time, energy, and money to aid and disaster relief always inspires us to be better people.  

4. Allyson Dinneen (@notesfromyourtherapist) 

Why we love it: 

As mental health advocates, we love Allyson Dinneen’s handwritten reminders! She posts little nuggets of wisdom and truth that make us breathe a little deeper and believe in ourselves. 

5. Amnesty International (@amnesty) 

Why we love it: Change is happening around the world, and Amnesty International is proving it! This organization fires us up and gets us on our feet. They tell stories of activism and how people around the world are making a difference


6. Cohen Veteran’s Network (@CohenVeterans)

Why we love it: As a Cohen Network partner, we love seeing the work that other clinics are doing around the country. Their commitment to Veteran and military visibility is unmatched, and we’re thrilled to see it on our feed.

7. Charity Water (@CharityWater) 

Why we love it: Water is something that connects us all, Charity Water’s work seeks to provide clean water for everyone. We are inspired towards gratitude and also admiration and joy by this account. 

8. United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (@unicef)

Why we love it: Our children are our future, and we want to invest in them. This account reminds us to value the futures of little ones around the world. 

9. Global Fund for Women (@globalfundwomen)

Why we love it: This incredible organization fights for equality and visibility for women around the world. We love their boldness and are inspired by their eye for both reflection and change. 

10. Endeavors (@EndeavorsOrg) 

Why we love it: Hey, it’s us! We love sharing our work with our Instagram community. Our incredible clients deserve the spotlight, and we love shining it on them! 

Regardless of which accounts you choose to follow, we hope you found something that sparked joy! 

About Endeavors and Cohen Veterans Network

Endeavors is a longstanding national non-profit that provides an array of programs and services in support of children, families, Veterans, and those struggling with mental illness and other disabilities. Endeavors serves vulnerable people in crisis through innovative personalized services. For more information, please visit www.endeavors.org

Cohen Veterans Network is a 501(c)(3) national not-for-profit philanthropic network of mental health clinics for post-9/11 veterans and their families. CVN focuses on improving mental health outcomes via a network of outpatient mental health clinics for veterans and their families in high-need communities, in which trained clinicians deliver holistic, evidence-based care to treat mental health conditions. The network currently has 19 clinics in operation serving veterans and their families across the country. Learn more about Cohen Veterans Network.

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