Endeavors Working with the City of El Paso to Assist Homeless Population During COVID-19 Outbreak

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As of Tuesday, April 14, the City of El Paso authorized the use of two City facilities to function as temporary housing shelters to assist the homeless population during the COVID-19 outbreak, while complying with the Health Authority’s social distancing rules.

The facilities are operated by the Opportunity Center for the Homeless with support from the City of El Paso, the Office of Emergency Management, and numerous nonprofit and private sector partners, including Endeavors. Other partners include the Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, El Paso Coalition for the Homeless, the Paso Del Norte Community Foundation, and the United Way of El Paso. 

“Endeavors is proud to provide our reserve personnel and collaborate with the many other organizations in El Paso who are making this effort happen for our most vulnerable communities. Our rapid deployment capabilities are built to support these emergency shelters that will help slow the spread and provide many a safe place to stay as we continue to weather through the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Chip Fulghum, Chief Operating Officer at Endeavors.

Endeavors Rapid Deployment Staffing has assisted communities in need since 2012. With over 1,600 professional reserve staff located throughout the United States, Endeavors is available to deploy within 72 hours of activation in response to public health emergencies. 

The two facilities are located at the Delta Welcome Center at the Hilos De Plata Senior Center (4451 Delta Dr., El Paso, TX 79905) and the Delta Haven at the Chalio Acosta Sports Center (4321 Delta Dr., El Paso, TX 79905).

The Delta Haven facility is currently accommodating 82 people, and the Delta Welcome Center will be the primary intake facility for all homeless individuals during this crisis. The Welcome Center opened today and allows for appropriate screening, isolation, and safety for this very vulnerable population. The emergency shelters represent an unprecedented collaboration across the El Paso community. 

“We are honored and privileged to assist in providing staffing and operational support, and we are ready to serve El Paso’s homeless community,” said Benjamin Miranda, Director of Operational Impact & Business Development at Endeavors. “It is such a blessing to see our community come together during this crisis. I am proud to be an El Pasoan and proud of Endeavors’ efforts.” 

All reservists receive proper training and preparation for the urgent health needs. Endeavors’ staff are proficient in behavioral management, crisis intervention, and trauma response, and specialized in shelter operations. The nonprofit has served nearly 25,000 individuals through Rapid Deployment Staffing. 

Endeavors, a San Antonio based nonprofit, is a longstanding national nonprofit agency that provides an array of programs and services in support of children, families, Veterans and those struggling with mental illness, disabilities, disasters or emergencies. Endeavors serves vulnerable people in crisis through personalized services. For more information, please visit www.endeavors.org.

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