Texas Veterans Commission Awards Endeavors Veteran Wellness Center for Virtual Services

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Virtual Services will be available to Texas Veterans beginning July 1st

The Texas Veterans Commission has awarded $500,000 to Endeavors. This award will establish virtual services for the new Veteran Wellness Center in San Antonio, TX. Starting in July, the grant will enable Endeavors to provide 12 months of virtual mental health services and counseling and peer support to Veterans and their families with chronic long-term mental health needs or serious mental illness.

During COVID-19, Endeavors’ Veteran Wellness Center has provided eight weeks of virtual wellness activities targeted for stress reduction and workshops for the local VA, as well as daily wellness activities for nearly 500 employees. The Center is also postured to provide virtual mental healthcare and wellness services activities across the state of Texas.

The Veteran Wellness Center will complement services already provided at the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Endeavors which offers virtual mental health care provided by credentialed staff to Veterans and military families regardless of role, discharge status. Veterans and military family members receive services individually and together in the same place, at the same time, with the same treatment team via online therapy known as Telehealth.

“This support from the Texas Veterans Commission is critical to the success of the first Veteran Wellness Center in Texas,” said Jon Allman, Endeavors President & CEO. “I am incredibly proud of how Endeavors has continued to help so many communities across the nation virtually.” The Cohen Clinics in San Antonio, Killeen and El Paso experienced up to a seven-fold increase in Telehealth services during COVID-19.

Centrally located on the Northwest side of Bexar County in the Medical District area and co-located with the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Endeavors, the Endeavors Veteran Wellness Center (VWCopening Spring 2021, will provide accessible, integrated health and wellness services that improve the quality of life for Veterans, their families, military dependents, survivors regardless of discharge status, and the care community.

The VWC delivers positive, supportive, and integrated care in one location to focus on self-care and overall health that enhances daily choices for wellness. Driven by the vision to restore and improve quality of life, our Endeavors Wellness Model represents six principles of wellness.

“We are honored to be entrusted with these funds to provide much needed support to any era Veteran and their families with Serious Mental Illness,” said Dr. Jill E. Palmer, Senior Director of Clinic Operations at Endeavors.

Since 2009, the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance has awarded over $137 million to organizations across Texas and has helped over 300,000 Veterans and their families. The Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veteran’s Assistance (FVA) grant program awards reimbursement grants to eligible charitable organizations, local government agencies, and Veterans Service Organizations that provide direct services to Texas Veterans and their families. Endeavors expects to serve over 500 clients with the funding awarded.

Since founding in 1969, Endeavors has helped over 16,000 Veterans and their families every year to obtain a safer place to sleep at night, connect with resources for employment opportunities, and provide mental health services to post- 9/11 Veterans through a partnership with the Cohen Veterans Network. Endeavors believes that everyone can grow, heal, change, succeed, and affect others.

“For the safety of our staff and clients, our operations are continuing to work 100% remotely, as we continue to meet urgent needs during COVID-19,” said Chip Fulghum, Endeavors Chief Operating Officer. “COVID-19 has changed our world as we knew it. But our values and commitment to this community remain unchanged. Our communities where we operate keep us motivated to continue our mission. We are in this together.”

If you or someone you know needs virtual mental health services, counseling and peer support assistance, please contact Endeavors Veteran Wellness Center by emailing [email protected] or call 210-431-6466. Learn more at  www.endeavors.org/programs/veteran-wellness-center/. 

Endeavors, a San Antonio based nonprofit, is a longstanding national nonprofit agency that provides an array of programs and services in support of children, families, Veterans and those struggling with mental illness, disabilities, disasters or emergencies. Endeavors serves vulnerable people in crisis through personalized services. For more information, please visit www.endeavors.org

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