Thank You, Veterans and Military Families

Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics Updates

To all our Veterans and Military families— We can only hope to one day show how thankful we are for your service and sacrifice. 

Dear Veterans and Military Families, 

As we take November to remember your sacrifices, commemorate your achievements, and celebrate your victories, we are left speechless at the magnitude of your service. 

Endeavors is an organization dedicated to serving various populations, including Veterans and their families. Through our work with you and your loved ones, we are constantly impressed by the level of care and dedication families have towards their loved ones in the military. 

You go where duty calls and pack up your whole lives. 

 Thank You, Veterans and Military Families.

Military life is transient by nature, and your adaptability never fails to leave us in awe. Through multiple schools, endless packing tape, and stacked boxes upon boxes, you are willing to relocate at the drop of a hat (or assignment). 

You learn to make the best of anything. 

No matter the city, state, neighborhood, or even country, we have seen you learn to make the best of any situation. The flexibility and optimism with which you respond to your surroundings is inspiring. 

You invest in your community. No matter what. 

Whether you’re gathering with civilians or other military families, you seem to have an uncanny ability to make friends quickly. You know that your time in any place is short, and the way you love people is admirable. You teach us how to love our neighbors.  

You are the army behind the army and you sacrifice your comfort for our country.

Thank you, military families

Ultimately, your willingness to support the military members in your family costs you something. You make sacrifices all the time— uprooting your life, learning countless acronyms, and sometimes spending long periods of time apart from your loved ones. Still, you carry on. Your sacrifice means that we are safe and maintain the freedoms that make this country great. 

You support your military family members unconditionally…and we’d like to do the same.   

Because we care about you and your family, Endeavors offers special support services for Veterans and their military families. From homelessness prevention to parenting support to mental health care, our wide variety of services seek to make life better for Veterans and their families. Here are a few resources you can take advantage of: 

  1. The Cohen Clinics

The Steven A. Cohen Military Clinics at Endeavors provides high-quality, free mental health services for Veterans and their families. Services include: counseling (for individuals, groups, couples, children and families), medication management, case management, and connections to local resources, life skills and wellness groups, specialty workshops, and more. Clinics located in San Antonio, El Paso, and Killeen

  1. Veteran Supportive Services

Our Veteran Services program offers homelessness prevention and stabilization services to help veterans and their families in need. These supportive services include outreach, case management, help in obtaining VA benefits, emergency financial assistance for rent & utilities, and assistance in obtaining and coordinating other public benefits.

  1. Telehealth

Through the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics at Endeavors, we offer discreet free mental health services for Veterans via online video counseling sessions. You or your loved one can receive high-quality care via a computer, tablet, or phone. Our clients have expressed that the benefits of Telehealth are endless! 

  1. Operation Parent Strong 

Endeavors offers a free parenting enrichment program for all Veterans, National Guardsmen, reserve, and active military parents with children 0 -17 years who are interested in cultivating and understanding their own parenting style. Classes include take-home resources, skills, and techniques during each session.

  1. Coming Soon: Veteran Wellness Center

San Antonio Veterans Wellness Center

The new facility will open in 2021 and will be the first of its kind in Texas. It will offer comprehensive integrated health services to support the daily wellness choices of any era Veteran and their families. 

Military and Veteran families— we are so thankful for all you do! It would be our honor to serve you further through these services. 

If our office is closed and you need immediate support, you can still speak to a peer at Vets4Warriors. In the event of a mental health emergency, please refer to the following resources: 9-1-1, the National Veterans Crisis Hotline (800-273-8255, press 1), National Women Veterans Hotline (855-829-6639), the CHCS Crisis Line (210-223-7233), and the San Antonio Police Department Mental Health Unit (210-207-7837). 

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