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Zero Suicides


Suicide is preventable when we utilize an upstream public health approach of identification and provide proper access to resources and support to people.


We all Play a Role in Suicide Prevention

Takes all of us, we all play a role

We’re a team within Endeavors that is dedicated to decreasing stigma around mental health by normalizing suicide prevention.


Reducing the Stigma,
Building a Safer Community

Snapshot of importance

Through skills training and education that reduces fear and discomfort associated with talking openly about suicide and suicidal thoughts, we’ll build a suicide safer community that believes suicide is preventable, starting with our own organization. From there, we’ll help entities and organizations in our community by providing skills trainings and education to ensure they feel confident, competent, and ready to assist individuals who may be at risk for suicide.


Suicide Affects Everyone

Suicide Affects Everyone

We’re passionate about the Zero Suicide Initiative because suicide is a growing public health problem and we want to help do something about it. Take this into account: between 1999 and 2019, suicide rates increased by 33%. Suicide was responsible for over 47,500 deaths in 2019 alone and affected all age as the second leading cause of death for people ages 10-34, the fourth leading cause among people ages 35-44, and the fifth leading cause among people ages 45-54.

Training Materials

Training our staff to feel confident and competent with suicide, we recognize training to be one of our key elements in reaching our aspirational goal of zero suicides. We also want to help the community feel confident, competent, and ready to identify, ask, and refer an individual who may be at risk to care. Below is a list of trainings that our Zero Suicide Initiative team can offer to the community.

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Where there is hope…there is life

Anne Frank


Suicide and Suicide behaviors are shaped by our social, economic and physical environments, otherwise known as social determinants of health. At Endeavors, we provide several services that address the social determinants of health to help improve the quality of life for the people we serve as well as reduce their risk of suicide.

Veteran Support & Wellness

Homelessness prevention/stabilization, parenting programs, financial assistance, and mental healthcare for Veterans and their families.

Emergency Services

With a proven track record in disaster relief and recovery, Endeavors steps up to help our community’s most vulnerable individuals, including victims of hurricanes, tornadoes, public health crises, and inclement weather.

Community Based Services

Housing and employment for Veterans, families, seniors, children, and individuals requiring case management, clinical services, and life-skills training.

Migrant Services

Direct care, migrant wellness support, case management, home study and post-release services, staffing, and holistic programming for unaccompanied migrant children and families.


Dr. Jill Palmer, Chief of Behavioral Health

Dr. Jill E. Palmer, a Navy Veteran, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and 2019 graduate of the Doctor of Social Work program at the University of Tennessee, serves as Endeavors

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Dr. Jill Palmer
Chief of Behavioral Health

Dr. Jill E. Palmer, a Navy Veteran, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and 2019 graduate of the Doctor of Social Work program at the University of Tennessee, serves as Endeavors’ first Chief of Behavioral Health.  With her research focus on Veterans, suicide prevention, and quality of life, Dr. Palmer has spearheaded the implementation of the Endeavors Veteran Wellness Center. A state of the art facility in San Antonio, Texas, the Veteran Wellness Center utilizes Dr. Palmer’s expertise by focusing on the integration of mental health, physical health, and recovery services built upon a foundation of wellness principles. 

Dr. Palmer has over a decade of leadership experience through both the Navy and the private sector.  Passionate about leading healthy, productive, and innovative teams, she has led teams of social workers, psychiatrists, and other medical and mental health personnel, provided program oversight for multiple programs, developed policies and procedures to implement evidence-based practices, and has managed program budgets.

Dr. Palmer’s background in mental health delivery, along with her experience with diverse teams and virtual work environments, allowed for a 100% transition to remote work and telehealth services to over 400 active clients at the Cohen Clinics in March, 2020.  She also provided the research and the structure to the implementation of the Virtual Employee Wellness program at Endeavors, an initiative that provided daily wellness activities to over 350 employees for 13 months during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With over 18 years of experience as a licensed clinical social worker, Dr. Palmer is experienced in treating trauma, depression, and anxiety in children, families, Veterans, and active-duty populations. 

Karah Smith

Director of Suicide Prevention and Community Services
Karah Smith
Director of Suicide Prevention and Community Services

Karah Smith, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a Masters in Forensic Psychology, serves as the Director of Suicide Prevention and Community Services at Endeavors. Karah has provided behavioral health services to veterans and their families for the last 7 years. Being the wife of a veteran, suicide prevention is a passion of Karah’s and in the last 6 years she has been able to engage in local, state-wide, and national suicide prevention efforts that focus on service members, veterans, and their families. Karah currently oversees a 5-year SAMHSA grant to implement suicide safer care strategies throughout the organization and with community partners. Karah develops policies and procedures to implement evidence-informed best practices, manages program budgets, provides suicide prevention trainings to staff and community members, and leads a team that analyzes programmatic impact.

Karah wholeheartedly believes that every single person, regardless of background, has the potential to be incredibly effective and helpful in the suicide prevention space. She believes it takes all of us working together to change the stigma and conversation about mental health and suicide.

In her spare time Karah enjoys spending time with her family and friends, fostering dogs for a local non-profit animal shelter, playing video games, painting, and playing live trivia.

Sierra Hunter

Program Manager
Sierra Hunter
Program Manager

Sierra Hunter, a public health professional, serves as the Program Manager of Zero Suicide Initiative at Endeavors. Sierra obtained her Bachelor's degree in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases from the University of Texas at San Antonio and then went on to earn her Graduate Degree in Public Health with a concentration in Community Health from Baylor University.

Sierra started her work at Endeavors in 2019 helping to develop and implement Endeavors' Behavioral Health virtual mental health services to Veterans and their families across the state of Texas. In her work on the Zero Suicide Initiative, Sierra assists in leading the 5-year SAMHSA grant that focuses on implementation of suicide safer care strategies throughout Endeavors and within the community. Sierra provides suicide prevention trainings to staff and community partners, oversees tracking and measuring of goals, objectives and outcomes to include data collection, management, analysis and leads quality improvement.

Sierra is a self-proclaimed military brat whose father served 24 years in the Army, giving her great insight into the military community and growing her passion for suicide prevention within the Veteran community. Starting her public health career in mental health, she aspires to show all that anyone can be effective in the suicide prevention space. Inside of the suicide prevention space, Sierra is extremely passionate for the youth and young adult sector.

In her spare time, Sierra enjoys hanging out with her fur babies (Luna and Rowdy), spending time with family and friends, and getting physical activity whether hitting the gym or going on a long walk.

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