5 Ways To Celebrate “Hire a Veteran Day”

Veterans Support & Mental Health Care

For Veterans looking for work, the job market can look intimidating. Here are 5 ways Endeavors® seeks to make the process easier! 

Hire a Veteran Day, veteran careers at EndeavorsHundreds of Veterans join the workforce every day. 

However…finding a career after military life can sometimes be a challenge. So, in order to assist those still looking for work, Endeavors® created a program specifically to help Veterans find the job that suits them best.

In honor of National Hire a Veteran Day (July 25th), we thought we’d share 5 ways Veteran Supportive Services seeks to empower Veterans looking to enter the workforce.

  1. Case Management

We’ll match you with a case manager, develop a housing stability plan, and work with the VA to help you get maximum benefits! Plus, we’ll connect you with community agencies and organizations with tools to help you succeed. 

  1. Emergency Financial Assistance 

If you’re in need of help with rent and utilities, let us know! Based on your individual financial needs, we may be able to help. Plus, we can get you referrals for financial counseling and legal assistance. 

  1. Job Placement Assistance

Finding the right career is challenging for anyone. Through our specialty service, we can help you discover what your strengths are, where you best fit in your city’s workforce, and what companies are hiring. 

  1. Parenting Programs

Being a working parent is a challenge! We’d love to provide services to help you discover how to do it best. 

  1. Skills Workshops

Looking to develop a specific skill? Crush your next interview? Learn how to improve your customer service skills? Our specialized workshops can help you take that next step up you need to succeed. 

Endeavors® provides services to very low-income Veteran families, Veterans facing eviction, and/or Veterans currently homeless and scheduled to move into housing within 90 days. Our goal is to rapidly re-house or prevent homelessness for Veterans and their families and enhance independent living skills and/or Income for very low-income Veteran families! 

If you’re interested in connecting with us, learn more by clicking here! 

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