There is no “one size fits all” recovery plan after disaster strikes. Because every disaster is different, our Disaster Relief and Recovery services place a high emphasis on the unique needs of each individual case. Whether you need short-term relief or require long-term recovery, we create focused plans and safe environments, while providing plenty of resource referrals for those impacted by disasters.

Our Disaster Relief and Recovery (DRR) services connect emergency or disaster victims to services and funding they may not be aware of, helping them recover after an emergency or disaster situation. From safety shelters and evacuation efforts to home repair, new furniture, and clothing, Endeavors seeks to help in any way we can.

Disaster Relief services provided for clients located in federally declared disaster areas:


  • Comprehensive recovery plans
  • Connection to immediate community resources
  • Individual case management
  • Recovery estimates and complete repair of the home
  • Multiple, geographically dispersed disaster relief and recovery teams


Community support systems are often thrown out of balance during a federal emergency or after a disaster. We’re here to help steady the community network, making sure individuals can take full advantage of community resources and recovery can become more accessible for everyone.

We recognize that Disaster Relief and Recovery is most effective when done in conjunction with local community partners and have established successful community partnerships with Long-Term Recovery Groups (LTRGs), Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOADS), community nonprofits, municipalities, homeless/housing coalitions, and others assisting local communities impacted by federally declared disasters.



For Nadine Ford, losing her home to Hurricane Harvey meant more than just losing a roof to sleep under. For months Nadine lived with various family members and slept in her car until she was able to secure funds to rent a place to live. When those funds came through from FEMA, Nadine was able to rent a motel, although within a short time the funds ran out and she was told she could no longer live there, either.

With nowhere to go, Nadine, with the help of her daughter, reached out for help from Endeavors. That’s when things started to turn around. After a year and a half, Nadine would finally be able to return “home.” But it wouldn’t be the one she left as Harvey flooded its interior, it would be a brand new one, built from the ground up to replace the one that was a total loss.


Endeavors has provided disaster relief in Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, and Puerto Rico.


Serving Hurricane IDA Survivors in the following areas:

  • Gretna office servicing the following parishes St. Bernard, Plaquemines
  • Jefferson Baton Rouge office servicing the following parishes Iberville, Assumption, and St. James

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Serving Hurricane Ian recovery efforts in the following counties:

  • Brevard
  • Flagler
  • Lake
  • Orange
  • Osceola
  • Putnam
  • Seminole
  • St. Johns
  • Volusia

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Serving Hurricane Idalia efforts in the following counties:

  • Columbia
  • Dixie
  • Gilchrist
  • Hamilton
  • Jefferson
  • Lafayette
  • Levy
  • Madison
  • Suwannee
  • Taylor

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Serving Hurricane Idalia efforts in the following counties:

  • Charlotte
  • Citrus
  • Hernando
  • Hills
  • Manatee
  • Pasco
  • Pinellas
  • Sarasota

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Serving Illinois Severe Storm And Flooding efforts in the following county:

  • Belleville

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Disaster Case Management

By providing disaster relief services for clients impacted by crisis and/ or presidentially declared disasters, we deliver relief, recovery, and hope. With the help of your donation, we’ll be able to continue creating safe environments, providing resource referrals, and helping individuals most impacted by a disaster to get back on their feet.

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