Medical Compliance Clerk (Pecos, TX)

Referral Manager (Pecos, TX)

Mental Health Senior Manager (Pecos, TX)

Onsite Case Manager (Pecos, TX)

Remote Case Manager (Pecos, TX)

Night Security Manager (Pecos, TX)

Remote Case Management Supervisor (Pecos, TX)

Quality Assurance & PSA Manager (Pecos, TX)

Onsite Case Management Supervisor (Pecos, TX)

Special Populations Manager (Pecos, TX)

Records Clerk (Pecos, TX)

Serious Incident Report (SIR) Specialist (Pecos, TX)

Resident Assistant (Pecos, TX)

Contact Tracing Analyst (Pecos, TX)

UC Portal Documentation Trainer (Pecos, TX)

Associate Director of Logistics, Facility and Supply – PCC (Pecos, TX)

Youth Care Worker Unit Lead (Pecos, TX)

Planning and Facilities Liaison (Pecos, TX)

Data Analyst (Pecos, TX)

Night Warehouse Lead (Pecos, TX)

Shelter Manager (Pecos, TX)

Assistant Shelter Manager (Pecos, TX)

Onsite Case Aide (Pecos, TX)

Special Projects Administrator (Pecos, TX)

Pecos Children’s Center Associate Director for Training (Pecos, TX)

Data Operations Deputy (Pecos, TX)

Instructional Aide (Pecos, TX)

Youth Care Worker (Pecos, TX)

Pecos Children’s Center Associate Director for Compliance (Pecos, TX)

Driver Specialized Care Worker (Pecos, TX)

Medical Operations Administrative Assistant (Pecos, TX)

Receiving Staff (Pecos, TX)

Transportation Lead (Pecos, TX)

Director of Medical Administration (Pecos, TX)

Safety Specialist (Pecos, TX)

Data Specialist (Pecos, TX)

Medical Discharge Liason (Pecos, TX)

Lead Security Analyst (Pecos, TX)

Remote Case Management Administrative Assistant (Pecos, TX)

Property Staff (Pecos, TX)

Medical Records Clerk (Pecos, TX)

Medical Scribe (Pecos, TX)

Medical Chart Auditor (Pecos, TX)

Deputy Director for Night Operations (Pecos, TX)

Security Center Operations, Operator Analyst (Pecos, TX)

Medical Records Manager (Pecos, TX)

Referral Manager (Pecos, TX)

Property Lead (Pecos, TX)

Medical Administrative Clerk (Pecos, TX)

Referral Coordinator (Pecos, TX)

Lead Licensed Clinical Counselor (Pecos, TX)

Clinical Counselor (Pecos, TX)

Lead Trainer (Pecos, TX)

Trainer (Pecos, TX)

Initial Medical Exam Task Force Senior Leader (Pecos, TX)

Certified Teacher (Pecos, TX)

Chief of Compliance (Pecos, TX)

Chief of Training (Pecos, TX)

Public Health Officer (Pecos, TX)

e-QIP Senior Manager (Pecos, TX)

Deputy Director of Children’s Services (Pecos, TX)

Ombudsman (Pecos, TX)

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