Disaster Aid, Homelessness Relief, & Incredible Generosity: These Partners Made Our 2019 Work Possible


Endeavors would like to highlight a few of our major funders— because the behind-the-scenes heroes deserve a little spotlight sometimes.  

As a nonprofit organization, we are so very proud of the work we do. 

Fifty years ago, we began as a small, grassroots movement — several of San Antonio’s inner-city churches banded together to serve San Antonio’s inner-city communities.

Since that special beginning in 1969, Endeavors® has grown into a nationally recognized, innovative non-profit organization…and we are still growing.  

But just how are we able to do the work we do? 

Much of the credit goes to the people behind the scenes.

Our generous, servant-hearted donors have shown their generosity to us time and time again, allowing us to feed and house people struggling with homelessness, assist victims of domestic violence, help hurricane victims rebuild their homes, provide innovative programs for Veterans and their families, and so much more. 

We would like to highlight a few of our major funders— because the behind-the-scenes heroes deserve a little spotlight sometimes.  

The Valero Benefit for Children

Each year, the Valero Foundation hosts a benefit fundraiser that focuses on children in need. Proceeds are donated to nonprofits across the country to “foster improved quality of life and create measurable impact where unmet needs exist in communities.” The coolest part? The Valero Foundation focuses on charities in communities where Valero has major operations, making it truly a community project. This year, we received support from the Benefit for Children for Endeavors’ Fairweather Family Lodge, allowing us to assist women and children experiencing homelessness. 


Headquartered and founded in the Alamo City, USAA is about as San Antonio as it gets. And their love for their hometown shines through in their giving. USAA generously contributed to our Veteran Supportive Services Navigator Program this past year, helping us to get Veterans off the streets and into safe housing. Thank you for creating change in local military communities, USAA. 

Google Ad Grants 

Donations come in all shapes and sizes— and these days, that includes digital collateral. We’re blown away by the generosity of the Google Ad Grant we received, which allowed us to increase our visibility to volunteers, donors, and anyone in need of our help. 

Harvey Najim Foundation

We are so thankful for the Harvey Najim Foundation’s generous contribution to the Fairweather Family Lodge. Established in December 2006, the Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation is aimed at helping children’s charitable organizations in the greater San Antonio area. 

Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation

Founded on incredible ideals like compassion, humility, integrity, openness, and stewardship, the Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation is a local philanthropic fund that works rigorously to care for the vulnerable among us in practical ways. This year, they chose to show Endeavors® support by contributing to Veteran Supportive Services

United Way Bexar County

United Way works hard to help people care for each other in practical, everyday ways. They do this by “uniting” people, resources, and strong community partners to improve lives. In 2019, United Way’s local Bexar County chapter chose to support the Fairweather Family Lodge in their effort to focus on preparing children for kindergarten, encouraging students to graduate and reach their full potential, helping individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency, and providing a safety net of services for those in crisis.

Red Cross 

As one of the most widely recognized humanitarian organizations in the world, the American Red Cross provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education to people in crisis across the country. We are honored to continue partnering with the Red Cross in our efforts to help the recovery efforts of Hurricane Harvey survivors. 

Warm Springs Foundation

A generous local philanthropic fund, the Warm Springs Foundation focuses on nonprofit organizations that serve people with disabilities. The WSF was kind enough to purchase appropriate transportation (a van) for our Community Based Programs, which helps us increase our reach and scope tremendously! Now we are able to help clients with transportation barriers get to important appointments. 

Valley Baptist Foundation for McAllen

Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation supports organizations that promote healthy lifestyles and improve the quality of life in the Rio Grande Valley! This year, they contributed to our Veteran Supportive Services.

Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU)

Going above and beyond the duty of a local bank, the Security Service Federal Credit Union assisted Veteran Supportive Services by offering hygiene kits and welcome home kits for the brave men and women who have served our country. 

Valero Foundation Grant 

It doesn’t get much more “local” than Valero. This hometown San Antonio company contributed greatly to Endeavors® via the Valero Foundation Grant in several ways. First, they contributed to Veteran Supportive Services Operating Expenses (which let us help a Veteran who did not qualify for SSVF, but was in dire straits) and the 50th Anniversary Gala, which benefited the Fairweather Family Lodge, as well as our brand-new Veteran Wellness Center. 

…but what if you don’t belong to a big company? We are so thankful for our corporate donors, but we believe individual contributions make just as much of an impact.  Click here to see just a few practical, meaningful ways you can give back this year by supporting homeless families, victims of domestic violence, Veterans and their families, survivors of natural disasters, and so much more.  

About Endeavors®

Endeavors® is a longstanding national non-profit that provides an array of programs and services in support of children, families, Veterans and those struggling with mental illness and other disabilities. Endeavors® serves vulnerable people in crisis through innovative personalized services. For more information, please visit www.endeavors.org.


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