3 Reasons Military Spouses Could Be Your Next Best Hire

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Why military spouses should be a top recruiting priority for your business.

By Kellie Washburn, Corporate Protocol & Events Director

For over thirty years now, I’ve navigated the rollercoaster ride that is military spouse life. The constant relocations, the long separations, and the ever-present challenge of finding meaningful employment have shaped who I am today. Seeing the conversation about military spouse unemployment finally gaining traction feels like a personal and communal victory. 

Did you know that despite 30% of military spouses holding degrees and 15% having advanced degrees, we still face an unemployment rate of 21%

This is starkly higher than the national average of 3.9%, and it’s high time we change that.

My career path has been anything but conventional. I started by writing articles for the marketing office at Misawa Air Base during my husband’s first tour. From there, I juggled part-time teaching with the unpaid but invaluable work of raising our children. Each role, whether volunteer or paid, has added a unique layer to my skill set, creating a mosaic of experiences that might not fit the corporate mold but tell the story of a dedicated and skilled professional.

I came up in the working world in a time of immense change: Change around women’s rights and gender roles, change around workplace hiring practices, and even change around what it means to be a military spouse. (Once upon a time we were all expected not to work, and our behavior and participation in military community activities were directly considered in our spouse’s evaluations.) I always wanted to work, to contribute, to make a difference. 

Yes, my husband’s service made fostering my career a challenge – but I learned to leverage the skillset I gained from it. Eventually, I made my way here, as Corporate Protocol and Events Director at Endeavors, Texas’ largest veteran service organization.

I have firsthand experience with the unique challenges and extraordinary strengths that come with being a military spouse in the workforce. Military spouses are a vibrant, skilled, and resilient group, often overlooked in the job market. Today, I want to spotlight the immense potential they offer to the workforce and encourage businesses to recognize and tap into this incredible talent pool.

The Unique Skill Set of Military Spouses

Military spouses bring a wealth of skills and experiences that make them exceptional employees. We dive into new tasks with both feet and adapt quickly. Exposure to diverse cultures has made us adept at building relationships and working collaboratively. This adaptability is a significant asset in today’s fast-paced business world.

  1. Resilience and Adaptability

Resilience is one of the most defining characteristics of military spouses. They handle constant change with grace, from adjusting to new communities to navigating deployments and separations. They are the ultimate problem-solvers and often bring a brilliant attitude to a hard day. This resilience translates into a workforce that can weather challenges and remain productive and positive. This ability to juggle multiple responsibilities makes them exceptionally organized and efficient.

  1. Diverse Skill Sets and Professional Expertise

Military spouses possess a wide range of skills and expertise. Many have advanced degrees and professional certifications, and they bring experiences from various industries. In addition to 4-year and advanced degrees, 34% of military spouses hold occupational licenses. Many have worked in states across the country, in countries across the world, and in both the military and civilian sectors. Their diverse backgrounds mean they can offer fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to businesses.

  1. A Workforce That Understands Teamwork and Leadership

Military spouses often engage in community and volunteer work, leading initiatives and supporting military families. This involvement hones their leadership and teamwork skills, making them valuable team players and potential leaders in any organization. Their experience in managing diverse teams and projects can be directly translated into the corporate environment, where collaboration and leadership are critical for success.

By embracing the talents of military spouses, businesses can cultivate a dynamic and resilient workforce ready to meet future challenges. We have proven our strength, adaptability, and dedication time and time again. Now, it’s time for businesses to recognize and reward these qualities by opening their doors to this exceptional talent pool. Here’s to smashing that unemployment rate! 

About Endeavors

Headquartered in San Antonio, Endeavors is a national service organization that has been assisting vulnerable populations since 1969. Endeavors offers an array of services and programs supporting children, families, migrants, Veterans and those struggling with mental illness, disabilities, disasters or emergencies. Endeavors serves people in crisis with personalized services. For more information, visit endeavors.org.

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