Davie White

Davie White is a Regional Data Manager for The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics at Endeavors. In his role, Davie coordinates, develops, and creates reports that show the clinic’s health by making key performance indicators (KPIs) readily readable.

Additionally, Davie is the administrator for the Electronic Health Record (EHR); he is responsible for upholding data integrity and maintaining up-to-date records by using data visualization software that shows if there are missing, overdue, or out-of-the norm items. Davie’s background and experience in hardware repair allow him to contribute to the clinic as the De Facto onsite IT tech. He took it upon himself to learn Tableau Desktop, the record-keeping interface for Cohen Veteran Network and earned his Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification.

A U.S. Navy Veteran, Davie is a current Assistant Scoutmaster with a local Boy Scout Troop, where he mentors scouts in the area of personal fitness, archery, and orienteering. He is also a second degree Black Belt in the Korean martial art of Mu Sool Won, a Level 1 Certified Instructor with the United States Archery Association (USA Archery), and a Harley Davidson rider.

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