Dr. LaTarsha Edwards

Dr. LaTarsha Edwards is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Endeavors, Killeen. Providing holistic psychological assessments to clients as well as medication management based on the diagnosis and individualized care plan for each client, she possesses 24 years of experience in the advanced nursing profession.
She earned her Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree and Master’s degree in Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from the University of Southern Mississippi, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
As a former Associate Professor in the Registered Nursing program at MCC Community College, LaTarsha has received many accolades from her students and colleagues. Though she is proud of these accolades, the highlight of her career has been teaching and helping Veterans to be mentally healthy, as her father is a retired Army Lt. Colonel of 38 years.
In her spare time, she enjoys walking, listening to music, reading, and spending quality time with her grandchildren.

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