Javier Sandoval

Javier Sandoval is an Endeavors Unlimited employee who serves as both a Custodial Lead and an Endeavors board member.

A retired Marine, Javier is a proud Veteran who served his country for 10 years. Joining the Marine Corp in 1984, Javier first trained as a Dynamic Component Mechanic and then as a gunner off the UHIN Huey in Somalia. While in Somalia, Javier supported four squadrons with dynamic components and was the only quality assurance component mechanic in the country. During his time in Somalia, Javier also acted as an Embassy escort for the Cornell, which, often times, took enemy fire.

After retiring from the Marine Corp, Javier became a police officer, working in a gang unit. Haunted by memories of war, his trauma from the Marines eventually took a toll on his life and he began self-medicating to deal with the post-traumatic stress. Unaware of the services and benefits available to Veterans, he became homeless and continued to increasingly self-indulge destructive behaviors. It wasn’t until his brother referred him to Family Endeavors that he received the opportunity to heal and start over again. Javier began attending counseling and would eventually become part of the Endeavors Unlimited team as a custodian in 2017. In 2019, Javier was promoted to his current position where he continues to serve grow as a vital part of Endeavors.

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