Karah Smith

Karah Smith, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a Masters in Forensic Psychology, serves as the Director of Suicide Prevention and Community Services at Endeavors. Karah has provided behavioral health services to veterans and their families for the last 7 years. Being the wife of a veteran, suicide prevention is a passion of Karah’s and in the last 6 years she has been able to engage in local, state-wide, and national suicide prevention efforts that focus on service members, veterans, and their families. Karah currently oversees a 5-year SAMHSA grant to implement suicide safer care strategies throughout the organization and with community partners. Karah develops policies and procedures to implement evidence-informed best practices, manages program budgets, provides suicide prevention trainings to staff and community members, and leads a team that analyzes programmatic impact.

Karah wholeheartedly believes that every single person, regardless of background, has the potential to be incredibly effective and helpful in the suicide prevention space. She believes it takes all of us working together to change the stigma and conversation about mental health and suicide.

In her spare time Karah enjoys spending time with her family and friends, fostering dogs for a local non-profit animal shelter, playing video games, painting, and playing live trivia.

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