Sarah Mason

Sarah Mason is a Clinician for The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Endeavors, Killeen, where she provides mental health treatment to Veterans and military families. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Education in Counseling. Prior to her professional journey as a counselor, Ms. Mason successfully transformed smaller childcare centers beyond their perceived capacity by training teams to solidify strong communication skills, leadership style, and team-oriented visions in her role as a Childcare Director and Child Care Consultant.
As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Ms. Mason is passionate about creating a safe, comfortable, and therapeutic environment for patients in many challenging settings such as in a hospital room, prison cell, or via telehealth services. Sarah has provided therapeutic treatment, suicide intervention, and post-release resources for individuals and families across Texas since 2014. She utilizes a holistic, compassionate approach in meeting the needs of her patients and walking with them through life transition cycles such as illness, trauma, incarceration, substance abuse, domestic violence, and many other challenges.
Outside of work, she enjoys practicing art therapy and painting, meditating, and spending quality time with her family on fishing trips.

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