Stephanie Malek

Stephanie has over 15-years of experience in the social service industry, where she has dedicated efforts to the preservation of families, community collaboration, child safety, and the prevention of child abuse. Most of Stephanie’s professional experience was with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services where she made a positive impact among multiple divisions by achieving targeted deliverables. Stephanie’s passion to improve outcomes for our most vulnerable population began when she was an investigation caseworker and often had to intervene to support families in crisis. After nearly seven years of advocacy on the frontlines, Stephanie transitioned into positions involving policy analysis that allowed her to leverage her experiences to inform decision-making.  

Stephanie has served in various leadership roles tasked with enhancing social welfare practices by assessing the effectiveness of systematic processes and offering creative solutions. Stephanie has presented at several state conferences to support public awareness regarding prevention efforts and the need for community intervention. Stephanie has also spearheaded the implementation of newly formed divisions and pilot programs, in which she developed foundational practices to aid in long-term sustainability. She entered the non-profit sector of social services to utilize her leadership skills and prior experience as tools to advance her personal mission to improve the quality of life for those most vulnerable. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science from Stetson University and a Master in Public Policy and Administration from St. Thomas University. 

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