Dr. Jill Palmer

Dr. Jill E. Palmer, a Navy Veteran, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and 2019 graduate of the Doctor of Social Work program at the University of Tennessee, serves as Endeavors’ Corporate Behavioral Health Officer.  With her research focus on Veterans, suicide prevention, and quality of life, Dr. Palmer has spearheaded the implementation of the Endeavors Veteran Wellness Center. A state of the art facility in San Antonio, Texas, the Veteran Wellness Center utilizes Dr. Palmer’s expertise by focusing on the integration of mental health, physical health, and recovery services built upon a foundation of wellness principles. 

Dr. Palmer has over a decade of leadership experience through both the Navy and the private sector.  Passionate about leading healthy, productive, and innovative teams, she has led teams of social workers, psychiatrists, and other medical and mental health personnel, provided program oversight for multiple programs, developed policies and procedures to implement evidence-based practices, and has managed program budgets.

Dr. Palmer’s background in mental health delivery, along with her experience with diverse teams and virtual work environments, allowed for a 100% transition to remote work and telehealth services to over 400 active clients at the Cohen Clinics in March, 2020.  She also provided the research and the structure to the implementation of the Virtual Employee Wellness program at Endeavors, an initiative that provided daily wellness activities to over 350 employees for 13 months during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With over 18 years of experience as a licensed clinical social worker, Dr. Palmer is experienced in treating trauma, depression, and anxiety in children, families, Veterans, and active-duty populations. 

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